Expert Group Coaching with proven results - All you need is your phone!

The Fitness Maverick (TFM) 'Group' Coaching Program is my complete high-performance system combined with a group coaching community. Learn the correct way to train and achieve lasting results.

TFM is the personal Coach in your pocket.

Join TFM and after a comprehensive assessment of your unique needs, a results-driven training program will be delivered to you via the TFM app (Click above to see how the app works). Whether you're looking to lose fat, gain muscle, or completely transform your body shape, TFM delivers a program written by me straight to your phone to follow with ease.


TFM is the Nutritionist in your pocket.

I believe that the most effective diet plan is one that is both nutritious, exciting and sustainable in the long-term. There is no one size fits all approach to nutrition, and that is why you will be coached through a nutrition plan that fits around your tastes and lifestyle. To accompany your plan you will also receive my very own recipe book full of ideas, along with healthy food lists and even supplement guides to help you make the right decisions. With MyFitnessPal intergration I can also cleverly track how well you stick to the program and make changes as you go along.


Over a decade of results with TFM don't lie. But why do so many find it hard to achieve this kind of success?

Anyone can claim to be an expert these days, from your 16 year old nephew, to the Instagram fitness model or TV personality. Neither qualified to a high standard nor experienced at working with real people just like you. Their "expertise" makes the industry confusing, and sets you up for failure. 

Diets and supplement gimmicks don't work. They don't focus on the right things and aren't enjoyable, let alone sustainable. They also waste a lot of money, and time you could be spending on a program that truly works and is sustainable. 


 You WILL succeed this time. I will stake my hard-earned reputation on it. If you don't hit your pre-agreed targets, I will even train you for free until you DO succeed. That's The Fitness Maverick guarantee!

Gareth Sapstead MSc CSCS is an internationally recognised Fitness Expert, Coach and Author. He spent 12 years working with clients (consistently over 45 hours a week 1-2-1 coaching), before transitioning to the TFM Program full-time to help reach a wider number of people in need of true guidance. Originally from U.K, Gareth currently lives in Melbourne, Australia. 


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