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Are you ready to be expertly guided on how to train and how to eat to reach your physical potential? Hi I'm your Coach Gareth Sapstead, and in here to help you become strong and unstoppable through my high-performance Coaching system.

About me

Hi I'm Gareth, also known as The Fitness Maverick. I'm the guy that's going to get you looking, feeling and performing better than you ever have before. But i'm sure you're thinking "but yeah Gareth I've heard it all before". And yes so have I. And to put it bluntly it pisses me off! 

So just for now I want you to ignore the money hungry so-called "online trainers" and fitness influencers, and focus on what matters: YOU!

Simply ask yourself "is Gareth the professional that's going to truly help ME?"

In my over 15'000 hours of coaching people 1-2-1 in the real world, I can tell you that what matters is: 1) If we're a good Coach/Client match, and 2) If you can trust in my skills enough to be open to what i'm going to tell you. That includes putting yourself in my hands to completely transform your training and nutrition, and your body along with it.

I've been told many times that just £60 a month for working with me is way too cheap, especially when its actually me you're working with and talking to daily. But it's that cost-efficient because I truly want to make working with me accessible to all. Not just the celebrities and athletes that have paid me ££££ a month to train with me in-person.

But that also means i'm going to kick you off my program if I feel my time is being wasted. I'm never going to be a millionaire by charging just £2 a day for distance coaching, but I can make a difference in your life, just like the many others I have before you. And that's what is more valuable to me. So let's work together on this!

You'll have seen me in the most respected websites in the industry, hardcover books, and other forms of media since 2005. But first and foremost i'm a Coach.  So get in touch if you're willing and ready to take action, and BE COACHED. I look forward to it!

Gareth Sapstead MSc CSCS

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Coaching you on your time, from anywhere in the world.

Whether you're looking to lose fat, gain muscle, hit strength goals or perform for sport, this intelligent process delivers. After a free consultation process your unique program will be delivered to you within 48h via The Fitness Maverick app. Click above to see how the app works. As your Coach I will then be monitoring, adjusting and progressing your program at every step to ensure your progress.


The Nutritionist in your pocket.

I believe that the most effective plan is one that is both nutritious, exciting and sustainable in the long-term. There is no one size fits all approach to nutrition, and that is why you will be coached through a nutrition plan that fits around your tastes and lifestyle. To accompany your plan you will also receive my very own recipe book full of tasty ideas to refuel with, along with a supplement guide to give you an extra edge (and ensure you're not wasting your money on worthless products!). With MyFitnessPal intergration I can also cleverly track how well you stick to the program and make changes as you go along.



Luke Martina | Dad Bod to Fit Bod

Luke went from 86kg feeling out of shape and low on energy (picture left), to 74kg lean and mean (middle) in just months. Long-term using the same system he's now reached a milestone goal of adding an extra 5kg of muscle, now at 79kg (picture right). 14kg loss in bodyfat and muscle gained!

Aine Powell | Wedding Day Fit

This Program changes lives!  Aine went from out of shape and low on energy, to come out of the other side a completely different person, physically and mentally. "Working with Gareth helped me get in tip top shape, and enabled me to feel healthy again" .

Alex De Paula | The Best Shape of His Life!

"FINALLY, I was able to make a leap in consistent results by having Gareth as my Online Coach for the past 4 months"...…"evidence that when it comes to aging, the law of diminishing returns needs not apply!"  Alex is currently in the best shape of his life, and continues to be a client of the Maverick Coaching Program.

Lucy T | Fit For Life!

Despite having a busy life, a young family, and a job that involves traveling all over the world, with Gareth’s help Lucy managed to maximise the time she did have. - Lucy lost 23.5 inches overall, and got in to the great shape she manages to maintain today.

Andreas Ioannou | CEO L'Homme Grooming

The Fitness Maverick Program managed to take Andreas from 12% to 8% bodyfat in 8-weeks. Andreas' strong will and mindset, alongside some gruelling 6:30am workouts allowed him to get in great shape for his wedding day with his beautiful wife Eleni (also a former happy client).

Jasmine C | Found a new love for fitness

"I was addicted to sugar. And I still am. I had a Friday night pizza tradition. And I still do with no regrets. But I can also say i'm smashing my personal bests regularly, still dropping body fat and gaining muscle. My Coach understands me, and it's allowed me to make great progress without feeling restricted"  - Jasmine has experience a complete body change, with her proudest achievement being able to now squat twice her own bodyweight.

Ryan S | Team Maverick Trainer

"Team Maverick Trainer Ryan used TFM methods over a few years of consistent training to get in his best shape ever. Extreme natural results like this don't happen overnight, but with the right plan and direction results like this become much more of a reality" - Ryan maintained the same bodyweight, experiencing a complete body recompositioning.

Will Prentice| CEO Elite Scooters Ltd 

Will worked with The Fitness Maverick Coaching system for nearly a year, getting in to his best shape ever. Hard work and consistency allowed Will to go from 10% body fat and skinny, to 6% with massive gains in muscle and strength.

Wayne Greatrix | 70 Day Results!

"I was lacking motivation before and just going through the motions with my training, Gareth completely changed that for me. Things just clicked and training became fun again. I love how creative his exercises and workouts are, and best of all how fast I saw changes"  - Wayne went from 17% bodyfat to 8% - a 9% overall loss in 70 days."

I really hate talking about myself, but since you asked then here goes....

 I've been in the industry since 2005, where in that time i've spent well over 15'000 hours coaching clients and athletes face-to-face. From Celebrities to Pro-Athletes to CEO's to new Mums, I've done it all. 

I've just come off spending a year in Melbourne, Australia, training clients out of the famous Dohertys City Gym. I'm now based in the U.K full-time. I traded up sun and Vitamin D for friends and family. It was a tough decision.

I have Undergrad and Masters Degrees in the areas of exercise science, and am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). I've also published a few scientific research papers in my time. Basically that means i'm a fitness nerd and I really know my shit (at least more than the instagram fitness models anyway!). I like to think i've got a great combination of theory and practical expertise, but equally I still spend half of ever day trying to develop.

In between my in-person and distance Coaching practice, i'm a contributor to many of the industries best websites for trusted information. I've also written a few books, including being published by Dorling Kindersley. This is my time where I take off the Coaching sweats, and do that writers thing at Starbucks (actually not starbucks, i'm a coffee snob and don't like what they're selling, but you get the picture).

In my spare time I also make funky healthy recipes. That's because i'm a former ice cream addict and need my fix. I sometimes share my recipes on social media, but more often they're just for me. I can show you how to get your "not so guilty" high-protein fix too if you like though.

Anyway, that's me in a nutshell. If you want to talk more about coaching then great, give me a shout using one of the links on this page. If you don't then now problem, I hope we get a chance to talk one day anyway.


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